Oil Slick Dispersants Limited was established in 1998 to supply marine emergency services around the world with a high performance but low toxicity, oil slick dispersant.

After many years of research and development the result was a single product: Superdispersant-25. Superdispersant-25 has approval from the UK MCAA (Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009) organisation, as well as approval from CEDRE in France and ROPME in the Middle East. It also makes up more than half of the UK government stockpile of oil slick dispersant situated around the UK coastline in readiness for treatment of an oil spill. The application of dispersant to oil spills in UK waters is now an integral part of the National Contingency Plan for Marine Pollution from Shipping and Offshore Installations published by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA).

Approval by these agencies includes testing for efficiency, toxicity and biodegradability.

Most importantly, Superdispersant-25, unlike its kerosene-based competitors, is non-flammable, and so poses no threat to operators when stored, particularly on vessels or oilrigs.

Superdispersant-25 was used in the major incident caused in UK waters by the Sea Empress and in treating the Braer disaster. It is sold globally to all the major oil producers, as well as to oil field chemical supply companies.

As a Type 2/3 dispersant it may be applied from the air, as well as from sea vessels. Please see our application technique page for more details.

In the Isle of Wight sea trials MCA Project MSA 10/9/180, published in July 2004, Superdispersant-25 was found to be the most cost effective dispersant tested.

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