Superdispersant-25 is a high performance, low toxicity oil spill dispersant developed to meet the requirements of Warren Spring Laboratory Specification LR 448(OP). Superdispersant-25 meets all the relevant clauses of W.S.L. LR 448(OP) and has been approved as a Type 2 as well as a Type 3 dispersant under Test Qualification CSR 4600/8902798.

Superdispersant-25 has been tested by the Fisheries Laboratory of the UK government agency MCAA (Marine and Coastal Accress Act 2009) and has been found to be of low toxicity to crangon crangon (brown shrimp) for use at sea and on beaches, and patella vulgata (common limpet) for use on rocky shores. As a result of these excellent toxicity results, it is licensed under approval ODA259/2020.

Superdispersant-25 is also approved by CEDRE, the French government agency. As with the UK approval, this is based on passing their standards for efficiency, toxicity and biodegradability.

In April 2011 Superdispersant -25 was examined by ROPME and found to meet the requirements for use in the ROPME Sea Area and is now placed on the ROPME List of Approved Oil Spill Chemicals.

Superdispersant-25 also has approvals from the Norwegian and Greek government agencies.

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